I woke yesterday morning and looked at my wall and for awhile I didn’t know who were the people in the pictures I was with and its still somewhat puzzling. My memory is getting worse day after day.

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Dustin Byfuglien picks up a game misconduct and leaves the game.

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demers attempting to wink and pavs laughing at him i cannot believe this nerd ass team

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The boys in teal are back!


The “we are just here to punch people” club

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This team is getting outta hand

Anonymous asked: I love your url

Thanks you :)

Shits happens, there are things you just can’t control but only control yourself. Take baby to big steps to move on and don’t look back.


From inside the Jaw

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I just really wanted to post the scanned version of this. (And yes the original is in purple/pink I didn’t have a black pencil in reach shush) 

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This is what my J Hat was telling me when I was going through the crawl course during the Crucible and he was also the one to give me my Eagle, Globe and Anchor. He said the exact same words along with, “It’s about the guy to your left and right”.


Sums up my night. Thank you. |-/

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